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neil On July - 31 - 2011Comments Off

Now that it has sunk in, wow! what an achievement, to reach the summit of Mont Blanc! Two guys that have really very little mountaineering experience, to get up there unguided as well, I don’t think even yesterday I could believe what we had done, I sat there this morning looking at Mont Blanc from the window of the breakfast room, thinking about the people that at that moment would be slowly making there way to the summit, they would probably be in the same zombified state that I was in, not really comprehending what they had achieved yet and knowing fully that they were only actually half way through there quest, as they still had the journey back down the mountain to make. We were going to go back up this morning, but the bus to take us to the airport was booked, so we didn’t bother! I just ate my croissant and slurped my tea.

So for us the next challenge lies ahead, Aconcagua! It sits at nearly 7000 mtrs up, that’s an additional 2200 altitude mtrs, so back to the training then, I think I might need to step it up a little!

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Sunshine but they still say No!

neil On August - 19 - 20101 COMMENT

We thought it was all over, well it is now. Mont Blanc has no path for us to climb the guides say, the weather up on the mountain is to bad they say, no one will make a summit push tomorrow they say. I say that we should have made the trip this morning to the Cosmiques Hut, did some higher training and then spent the night there for a summit push tomorrow.

The weather may have been bad yesterday but there isn’t a cloud around the top today, I feel that there’s weather concerns (with a large slice of can’t be arsed-ites) on the guides part, they have to consider our safety but I think they only can only be arsed to go to the top if the weather is 100% and that’s hardly ever going to happen. Let’s face it they get there money whether we make it to the top or not so how easy is it for them to take us on a jolly over a 3000 mtr ridge in fare weather rather than into the real Alps, that’s what we paid for eh!

We are going for a beer, I’ll finish this later!
Neil McDonald