Stuck in Chamonix

neil On August - 18 - 20102 COMMENTS

Gutted! That’s all I can say, it’s been snowing all day up in the mountains, we were supposed to go up the cable car and make the journey to the Refuge Des Cosmiques (3613 mtrs) and stay the night there but the snow is two deep. Nobody has managed to get to off from the Cosmiques, this is bad news as we were required to stay there as part of our acclimatization process.

Now we don’t know what will happen, our guides won’t tell us anything about what will happen over the next two days probably for fear that some of us might go off on one, as they must see in our faces the anxiety knowing that we have all been preparing for so long mentally and physically, and to even suggest that we won’t be able to even get near Mont Blanc will be a hard pill to swallow!
We meet at 8.00am tomorrow to find out our fate!

Neil McDonald