A good home coming

neil On August - 22 - 20103 COMMENTS

Back at home now, great! Radek has headed back to the Czech to see his girlfriend for three days before he has to go back offshore. We still plan to do the North east buttress of Ben Nevis just before the weather finally breaks out of the summer season, so Ill keep up dating the blog, I think I’ll have to update my training program, maybe some running as well as the hiking with the pack.

All in all it’s fantastic to be home, we arrived at the house at approx 9.30 pm, Darcey was still awake although in her bed so I sneaked in for a cuddle, then Linzie and I sat up to the wee hours chatting about our trip and sipping Vodka, Great!
I’ll fill everone in on how we intend to go back to Mont Blanc next year over the next few days.

Neil McDonald