A big thanks!

neil On September - 27 - 2010Comments Off

Thanks to everyone who supported and sponsered us on the walk day with our first pitch that we had to raise awareness for Climbing for a Cure! We’ve raised £1480.00 which we will add to our total.

Still training hard! Did the hike yesterday and ran 5 miles tonight, I’ve not been to see the trainer with the powers to make my lungs grow yet, haven’t managed to fit it in, I’ve also bought myself a teach yourself French kit to listen to during my hikes, so if you hear stories of a French talking scot wandering around the scottish hills dressed in a kilt, you’ll know who they are talking about! (yes that’s right i’ve bought myself a kilt and yes I am wearing it during my hikes and when I’m out running! But not for climbing mountains, not cus it’s to drafty, but because I can’t get my harness on!).

Radeks offshore at present so nothing planned to climb just now, but we will make some plans when he’s back, even if it’s a trip down to Ratho, at least we don’t have to worry about the weather, cus it’s in doors! But don’t be fooled as it is the largest climbing wall in Europe.

A good day! (for the ducks!)

neil On September - 19 - 20101 COMMENT

Yes the Lord shines down on his own! Unfortunately the rain clouds stop it hitting us! All said a great day had by all at the walk to cure Diabetes and for climbing for a cures first promotional event.

I would like to say thanks to everyone who paid us a visit and wished us well on our up coming climbs, everyone who supported us and sponsored Darceys Dazzlers and of course everyone who paid for a climb on the mobile wall.

Our fund raising total will be up dated as soon as we work it out ;)

Just a reminder

neil On September - 16 - 20101 COMMENT

This sunday is the annual JDRF walk to cure Diabetes, held at Hazel Head park Aberdeen! Climbing for a cure has a stand c/w climbing wall that we have hired, so if you want to come down and have a wee go feel free! All proceeds are going to our fund for JDRF. Our wall will be open from approx 9.30 am.

Training is going well! I’ve started running for 50 mins, two nights of the week on top of the hikes, I’m also going to go and see a fitness nut that can increase my lung capacity by 18%,good eh! Hope it doesn’t involve a knife!