Sick as a Dog

neil On August - 17 - 20101 COMMENT

Altitude sickness, I’ll never get that and anyway Everest is twice that height! Oh how wrong I was. You can’t sleep, your head feels like it’s going to explode, and you feel sick. Oh how sick you feel laying next to 30-40 people on a two foot bed! No heating in the room but the body heat must have made the room about 35 deg. Sleeping on a top bunk didn’t help and if you have to go to the loo there are no lights, only your head torch.

Next morning I felt no better and the weather had not improved, ‘Smiler’ our guide had got us up at 5am for breakfast (old git), he’s old school and I mean that as he’s 62 years old! Everyone at breakfast, except for me then we waited for a break in the weather. We left at 8.15am from the Albert premier at 2700mtr and headed for the Tri’ent hut at 3170mtr via the col sup du tour. And the weather is still bad!

Neil McDonald