Aconcagua – 17th January 2012

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17th Jan
This is our 3rd night at 6000mtrs
Our bodies are failing us now and tomorrow we go for the summit bid again. As I lay in my sleeping bag trying to sleep the wind whips the side of the tent. I hate this mountain, I hate everything about this trip, I hate not feeling well and tomorrow will be the most difficult day of my entire life. The last summit day we only made it up to 6400 mtrs and I was spent. I can’t comprehend going further as we have been at this altitude for too long and I’m so weak!
Wish I were home!

Aconcagua 14th January 2012

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14th Jan
We headed up to camp 2 today, it was very difficult as the sun was very strong. I hired my porter who emptied virtually everything out of my bag and still had nearly the same capacity left to take so I convinced Radek to put some of his kit in and the rest was made up by the rest of the group. It still murdered me though my body just won’t adapt to the altitude and I’ve not eaten properly since the second night.
Every day from now on gets more difficult, we head for camp 3 tomorrow, we will spend the night at 6000mtrs the body stops regenerating at that altitude.
Missing my family!!!!