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Welcome to the Climbing for a Cure blog. Over the next 2 years, myself (Neil McDonald) and my climbing partner Radek Dusatko intend to summit Mont Blanc (Largest mountain in Western Europe), Aconcagua (Largest mountain in South America) and of course Mount Everest (Largest mountain in the world!) In May 2005 I got the call […]

Day 50 The End

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Day 50    27th May      The end. We got up at 5am and dragged our bags from the tent for the last time. We sat in a cold mess tent for the last time and ate our breakfast for the last time. “Yes! It’s finished” I said to myself. I gave away some of my kit […]

Welcome Home

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Neil and Radek due back in to Aberdeen 10.50am Saturday 2/6. Let’s give them the welcome they deserve. All welcome !

Day 48/49. Summit Day

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Day 48. 24th/25th May Summit Day. At 10 pm I stepped out of my tent. I had messed about for the last two hours with battery powered feet warmers and eventually deput back in my standard insoles but by now my feet were cold especially my left one. This is the worst position to be […]

Day 47

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Day 47. 24th May We woke up with the sun on the tent. Our Sherpas made water for us with a small stove in our tent. My Sherpa was called Wang Chung and Sammy’s was called Pemba. They were both  excellent helpers. We had tea and I ate Pringles, this is something that I have […]

Day 46

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Day 46. 23rd May We got up at around half 6, I didn’t sleep that great, my body just won’t adapt to the thin air, just as I dose off my body panics and gasps for air. We made the long climb up to 7800, we were using oxy to help, the wind was unbelievable, […]

Day 45

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Day 45. 22nd May We had an 8 o’clock breakfast today. Our intention was to leave at 9.30 for the North Col. This is our last shot at the summit. If the weather changes then we go down and it’s over. The sun was shining today and the wind quite low so it was quite […]

Day 44

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Day 44. May 21st We had a relaxed breakfast today as we have a rest day. After breakfast I took the long walk up to the ice field where there are two barrels with our crampons and harnesses stashed inside. I was collecting Radeks things. I wanted his bag ready for when we returned from […]

Last minute ……..

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Open house here tonight 6-7pm for anyone who wishes to share Neil’s success. Fizzy on chill ! L xx

The eagle has landed !!!!!!!! 0430hrs    25th May 2012 Neil and sherpa Wang Chung were the first to reach the Summit from the North Col. Now safely back at ABC. More infor to follow ……………………………………………………………….. L xx


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Message from Neil this morning ……………….. “….. we are at 8300mtrs.  Feeling strong and well.  The wind has dropped and we should be leaving for the summit at 10pm local time…” He was in good spirits.  They were drinking tea and eating pringles ??!! Set you watches for 5pm our time and bode them well […]