A Needed Break

Posted by neil On July - 4 - 2011

Just a note to say that the McDonalds are away to Spain, we are having a break from the organising of the ball and from my intensive training, we will be back for a week and then I head off to Chamonix for 8 days high altitude training. It’s Radeks and my intention to do a couple of short expeditions before an attempt on the summit of Mont Blanc, unfortunately we have not got booked in to the Gouter hut which means that we will have to pay and sleep on the floor the night before we go for the summit, all be it we have got booked in to the Cosmic hut, but the route this season has been virtually un passable.

We don’t really want to go from the Cosmics anyway as the route is not so direct and is prone to avalanches, we also are not taking a guide with us on this trip, I have purchased a Garmin GPS unit at a reduced price, thanks to Craigdon Mountain Sports, who are kindly selling me all of out gear at cost price. Radek has done the complicated bit and plotted in all of the routes, so if we end up lost, then he is the one to blame! I’m really looking forward to this trip, I feel we are far more competent after having a full winter training session in the Scottish mountains un guided, staying in the mountains educates you a lot in mountain skills and the more trips that you have learns you to reduce your kit and only carry what you need, last time we went to Mont Blanc I think I carried half the shop up the mountain “just in case”.

This time we are kitted up for Alpine accent so we can move much quicker! Of course we are also both much fitter than the last time that we went, well I better be, I hope all the training that I have put in will pay off . I am going to be filling in my blog every day when we are up in the mountains and posting it when we have service.
Next time I we speak we will be on our way to Chamonix.

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