The truth of the matter

Posted by neil On August - 20 - 2010

At 6.00am this morning the first of approx 40 people summited Mont Blanc! It’s allways a bit s**t when you seem to be able to predict what is going to happen, as I said yesterday a large slice of can’t be arsed ites, at least on the main guides part.

We split up today myself, Radek and veit our German guide did the 3800mtr Cosmique ridge while Scott and lee had the plesure of spending the day with ‘Smiler’, they also planned on doing the Cosmique ridge, but guess what there were to many people on it and the snow looked to soft and an aeroplane might hit it! So they did something much better – they had a coffee at the Cosmique hut and then went back to Chamonix, cool eh, well worth the £££.

I have learnt quite a lot here and to be fair we had a great day today with Veit, he’s a good man and our paths will cross again. As for Mont Blanc, it will be here next year waiting for us! So we shall return!

Please can I say thank you to RBG for there kind donation and to Greg and Russell for the help with the logos, to Stella Farmer of Solutions and Sebastian Leaver of Steatite for helping us to get the Getac laptop on which we down loaded all our video and photos onto.

Without this we would have been stuffed! Also to everyone at E-blast who helped me on my way, most of all to Linzie my wife, Darcey & Finn my chillblains, who let me come, and I’ve missed so much!

Everyone else who helped and I haven’t mentioned. And not forgetting Radek for coming with me and Iveta for letting him! Keep following us on the blog as we still have some summer routes on the Ben and
the sea cliffs!

Neil McDonald

2 Responses to “The truth of the matter”

  1. paul says:

    be positive n, you are alive it could have been, much worse. dougal is convinced that stinchcombe hill is much higher!

  2. JC says:

    Neil, John from Ireland here – met you briefly on the Cosmique waiting for the abseil and just after. Just read your blog – some very astute comments about the scene over in Chamonix. We were lucky with our guide and the German guy you were with seemed pretty good. Best of luck with the training and the fund raising – I’ll make a contribution when I get paid at the end of the month and clear some of my credit card!