Day 47

Posted by neil On May - 29 - 2012

Day 47. 24th May
We woke up with the sun on the tent. Our Sherpas made water for us with a small stove in our tent. My Sherpa was called Wang Chung and Sammy’s was called Pemba. They were both ¬†excellent helpers. We had tea and I ate Pringles, this is something that I have learned works as food for me at altitude. Eating at altitude is very difficult, you have to be very careful what you eat and how quickly you eat it to make sure it stays down. My diet for the 4 days in the high camps would be, two boxes of Pringles, two boxes of happy cow cheese triangles, one box of Walkers shortbread and six bars of chocolate.
I said to Sammy that I wanted to climb to 8300 by myself. I found climbing with the group more tiring and preferred to go at my own pace. It was nothing personal but for me it was best and I only had one shot at this and wanted to be in 8300 in the best shape that I could be. He had no problem with this, so we left together and soon fell into our own natural pace. I reached 8300 in 3 hours. Once their we were told to rest on 0.5 ltrs of oxy and to eat and drink as much as possible. We were also told that we were leaving at 10 pm and we had to be ready and not a second later.

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