Day 46

Posted by neil On May - 29 - 2012

Day 46. 23rd May
We got up at around half 6, I didn’t sleep that great, my body just won’t adapt to the thin air, just as I dose off my body panics and gasps for air. We made the long climb up to 7800, we were using oxy to help, the wind was unbelievable, about 80 kph coming in from the right where Malory’s body is lying. You can’t see it but you know it’s there. There was quite a big que on the mountain and it was moving really slow cus of the wind. It was my hardest day so far. I was bushed when I got to the tents. The Sherpas battled with the tents to re erect them. The mountain was littered with destroyed tents and climbing gear. Tonight will be hard to sleep, the noise inside the tent is deafening.

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