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Day 50 The End

neil On June - 8 - 20123 COMMENTS

Day 50    27th May      The end.
We got up at 5am and dragged our bags from the
tent for the last time. We sat in a cold mess tent for the last time and ate our
breakfast for the last time.

“Yes! It’s finished” I said to myself.

I gave away some of my kit to Wang Chung, the stuff that I couldn’t get into my bag

and then we all piled into two Toyota land cruisers and headed on our way. We went
seriously off road for about 3 hours.  It’s some type of short cut through the
mountains and then we had about 5 hours on semi tarred roads. We stopped for
lunch in one of the mountain villages for some Chinese food. This time I didn’t
mind, it was nice for the change from the mountain food. Then we came to
friendship bridge, this is where we had to change vehicles and also cross the
border on foot. We had to wait in a small cafe for the signal to go to the
awaiting vehicles.

Half of us were going straight to Kathmandu and half were
going to stay in a half way hotel. Peter and his guide Diago and Radek and I
were going straight to Kathmandu. We still had about 4 hours to go in a small
mini bus on semi tarred roads. When we got to Kathmandu Radek seemed to act a
little strange, he told me that Kobler had over booked the hotel and that I had
to go into another one for the night by myself.  I was a little confused but said
nothing. We dropped Peter and Diago at their hotel and then headed to the one
that I was going to be staying at. As the bus pulled up to the hotel Radek
jumped to his feet and said he needed to talk to someone in the hotel. He jumped
off the bus and then stood looking at me. I kind of looked at him as if he was
acting a bit mad.

Then he stepped back and there was Linzie.   What can I say?
It was a better feeling than making it to the summit.

A lesson to me………….

Don’t ever just presume that this mountain can be climbed.
Don’t be so naive to expect everything  to go as it should.
Maybe next week or next month or next year these bad memories will leave me.
Or maybe they will always haunt me.
But ……. the success will always prevail.


I’m going home!

This season 11 recorded climbers lost their lives on the
mountain, trying to achieve their  life time ambition.




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Welcome Home

neil On June - 1 - 2012Comments Off

Neil and Radek due back in to Aberdeen 10.50am Saturday 2/6.

Let’s give them the welcome they deserve.

All welcome !