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Touching Base

neil On April - 29 - 2011Comments Off

Ive not been to good at keeping up to date with the blog! We have had one trip up to the Cairngorms that I haven’t spoke of, it was over a month ago that we last headed up there, we did the normal 5am start and kept our time table as usual arriving in Aviemore at approx 7am. We had not best of journeys as the snow had fallen heavily during the night, when we got to Aviemore there was approx 5 inches lying on the ground. We headed up to the car park of Cairngorms but we were halted at the snow gate, we were told that the road was closed and they were trying to clear it, but they were unsure if they would be opening the centre.

Apparently the wind during the night had been gusting over 100kmph, and still was very strong, by the time the blower got to the top the road had filled in behind it.
We waited until 9.00am, and then made the decision to drive down to Kinlochleven and book in for a two hour session at the “Ice factor” indoor ice climbing wall.
We had no luck that day as the road from Aviemore to Fort William was blocked with a stuck lorry, we had to back track approx 10 miles, before tracking a old single track road through the back country. Again that didn’t work that well as we came across about 10 young guys standing around a people carrier nose first in the fence. They had been traveling in two cars and the second one was blocking the road. So we got the winch out and dragged them out, drove up over the bank to get in front of them and left them to it. (we met them later that day back in Aviemore, they were on a stag party).

We got to the Ice factor and did our 2hour stint, had some lunch and then headed the long journey back home, it was a long day! So the winter season is finished, we’ve been into the indoor climbing wall a couple of times, but really we are just training in the gym, for me twice a day 4-5 times a week. Montblanc is booked for the end of July, so until then we will be back on the cliffs and in the Gym.